September 19, 2004 we had our first Stannamore Family day.

No less than 50 Spinoni were there, all Stannamores and their family, fathers, grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts, cousins and of course brothers and sisters.

The results were nice family pictures and a proud breeder.



 First litter Aprilla and Charlie



 First litter Aprilla and Charlie



 To en Ninna, two sisters



 Ludo hunting demo



 Gino, Heleentje and Figo



Iso, Diablo and Trude



Bella and Aprilla



Litter of Marissa



Litter of Aprilla and Pablo



Litter of Ninna and Ludo



Bella, Aprilla, Charlie, Fred and Ludo



Father Pablo with Eros, To and Ninna